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Best Friend Birthday Candles: Unique Gifts for Women with Aromatherapy

  • $18.97
Brand: Uniqli Decor

Color: Happy Birthday (Floral)

Candle with Birthday Label: “Happy Birthday'' This candle is perfect for adding a calming and relaxing aroma to any home. It creates a cozy environment and adds a celebratory touch to your current home decor.
Relaxation Candles: The sweet and warm scent of vanilla offers a variety of benefits. It is known to reduce stress and anxiety while promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being. Its comforting scent can also help to improve focus and concentration
Soy Wax: Did you know soy wax candles last twice as long as traditional paraffin wax candles, even though they burn at half the temperature? Our cool-burning soy wax emits a longer-lasting fragrance than traditional candles, with a 50-hour burn time!
Birthday Candle for Women: Are you looking for unique birthday gifts? Try the “Happy Birthday” candle! It was formulated to create an aromatic experience that will put anyone in a relaxing mood and let them know you’re thinking of them.
Uniqli Home Decor: At Uniqli, we stock a wide range of exclusive home decor products that appeal to everyone, no matter what your style may be. We make it easy to find the right items for your home, so your space can be unique, just like you!